About Us

A return to science...

In the 1990's, the supplement landscape was dominated by two companies.  These two companies rose to prominence by espousing university research as being at the core of their brands. 

They promised extraordinary results because they had tested every ingredient and focused only on ingredients that were shown through studies in top tier university research to work.

This followed the decade of marketing hype.  Brands of the 80's promised you'd get huge like your favorite bodybuilder.  Most people simply ended up with upset stomachs.

Instead of the industry's advance since the 90's, we've returned to something resembling the 80's.  And while the vast majority of products in the marketplace are made in clean facilities and are inspected for quality, the focus these days has become on fancy labels, funky flavors and marketing hype.

Crystalink Performance's mission is to bring back the focus on basics and science.  

We've kept our branding basic.  We've kept our flavors basic.  And we keep a focus on ingredients that will support our customers' goals - whether they be improved body composition, superior health or elite performance.

We don't include filler ingredients that make you "feel" like something is working.  We include the ingredients that are going to get you the results you're looking for - period.