Ambassadors & Sponsorship

Are You Ready to Take Your Fitness Career to the Next Level?

Crystalink Performance is currently seeking ambassadors for our brand.
Ambassadors earn free swag and product!
Exceptional ambassadors who live the brand and get others to try our products become "Elite Ambassadors" and earn more swag, monthly product stacks of their choice and commission from each sale provided they meet a regular monthly threshold.
Finally, for our very best ambassadors we invite them to become "Sponsored Athletes!"  Our sponsored athletes will get monthly supplement and swag budgets for the products of their choice.  They will also be supported with the costs related to their sport (if they are competitive athletes) and will earn commissions from the sales they refer.  They will also be invited to tradeshows to represent the brand and will be featured in international marketing campaigns on social media and in print.
Who YOU are:
  • A natural athlete or fitness enthusiast.  We want people to know you're getting REAL results from our products, not from something else.
  • An influencer.  While we aren't necessarily looking for the biggest social media following, we want to know that your followers engage with you and that you have real relationships with them.
  • Someone who inspires.  
  • Someone who lives the lifestyle.  We all know the fitness competitor or athlete who completely lets themselves go during their off-season.  We are NOT looking for that.  We want people who aim to keep their body looking and performing at its best, year round.
  • Someone who uses and believes in the product.  We don't care about any of the above if you don't believe in the brand or our products.  You use the products and love the results and therefore can communicate your passion for the brand to others.

How to Become an Ambassador:

  • Everyone starts out as an Ambassador.  We do not accept requests for sponsorship.  We only invite certain ambassadors to be "Sponsored Athletes"
  • Email us at with the following information: a) Your name b) Your age c) Your state/province d) Relevant competition history in any sport e) Your social media platforms and handles/usernames f) Why you think you'd make a good Ambassador for Crystalink Performance.

Thanks to everyone who expresses interest and we can't wait to learn more about you and see if becoming a part of the Crystalink Performance team is a good fit.